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These kind of people make it bad for others

A person called to get a basic in and out for a honda civic. We normally don't do same day service but she said it was a not bad.  We arrive at the appointment location in Kearny, New Jersey and we take a look at the inside of the car.  It was a flooded car with mud everywhere. We inform the lady that we will not do this car and we will need at least $20 for the inconvenience that she put us through. She didn't want to pay but she said "I have another car can you do it for the same price?" We said yes because we want to make some money.  The lady takes us into her luxury apartment garage and shows us a Mercedes G Wagon ($100,000-$200,000 car) and then shows us an Aston Martin DB12 ($100,000-$300,000 car). She said "let me ask my husband "and when she came back, she said that they are not going to do the cars because her husband's car (Aston Martin) is not dirty enough. At the end of the day we did not make any money.  What was the charging price at that time? $85. Yes only that. We lost time, effort, gas money, and time with our family because it was a 30 minute drive on a Sunday morning.

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